Customer Reviews

"This place is awesome. I've called on two separate occasions to see if i could call in an order, pay over the phone, and have them deliver to my SO's work in selah, when I was at work in Sunnyside.

I had already felt terrible, because I hadn't had time to pack my boyfriends lunch on these days and he wasn't going to have a lunch, nor time to leave from his busy day.

He explained that at this time they have not started delivery, but because they weren't too busy, he could make an exception for me. Rich even delivered it himself, and in a timely manner. Not to mention he saved the day for me and my bf loved it. Each time I've tried to add a tip for the inconvenience, but he has always refused. Overall, tailgaters provides exceptional customer service, amazing cocktails and excellent food!

Highly recommend. The wait staff is also very friendly and efficient anytime we've visited. Pricing is decent, I've heard some complain it's a little high, but I don't think so, it's we'll worth it.
I wish them the most success and can absolutely see them staying for the long haul. Great for selah!

Thank you!!!"
- Laura M.